What is a botnet and how does it spread


It is stealthily running, issuing small maintenance commands, working to protect itself from being discovered and removed, biding its time, and periodically checking in with its command-and-control center. Apparently, judging by what he found, his invader was in the business of selling pirated software, movies, and music. ” When there is only one fort, and it is well policed, the lock is fixed and the vulnerability disappears

what is a botnet and how does it spread

They settle in and periodically contact a command center to receive instructions

All of these things were clever. The collected items can be used by security defense systems to identify sources of infection, but it’s very hard because in many cases, bots are behind firewalls or NAT devices. [4] It was first identified around January 2007, having been distributed by email with subjects such as “230 dead as storm batters Europe,” giving it its well-known name. Torpig, also known as Sinowal or Anserin is a type of botnet spread through systems compromised by the Mebroot rootkit by a variety of trojan horses for the purpose of collecting sensitive personal and corporate data such as bank account and credit card information. Uninstall Firefox via Control Panel -> Programs. These automated programs, called robots or “bots” are spread across a network of computers. Both sides in this cyberwar have become astonishingly sophisticated, operating at the cutting edge of programming theory and cryptography

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