This Week’s Night Sky: Watch Jupiter and Uranus Sparkle

Jupiter catches the eye as it travels high above the southern horizon during the evening and early morning hours. The team predicts that these ammonia clouds should clear out in a few months, as it has done in the past. Planets ‘Dance’ with the Moon & Perseid Meteor ‘Rain’ This Month | Video
Find out where you can find Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Mars in the night sky this month. And read how to use sky charts with a telescope. The particulate scattering of light is more efficient at the shorter (blue) wavelengths of visible light, so the camera records this image in ghostly blue

During Scorpio, morning Venus waxes to a 15% illuminated Crescent. [ Sky maps: March 12 , 13 ]. That’s about two-thirds the width of a pencil seen at arm’s length

Although the conjunction may be seen with the unaided eye, it is even more beautiful through a small telescope, binoculars, or the lens of a camera

In 2010 brilliant Jupiter lies diagonally to the northeast of Fomalhaut Star Chart It is part of the celestial sea constellations. The planet remains the brightest point of light in the night sky until it sets. Moon and Bull’s Eye. The date in the corner says “April 1972. Note: “Because Halloween greeting cards often depict a witch riding a broom in front of a full Moon many people have the mistaken notion that there is a full Moon every year on Halloween when in fact we won’t have a full Moon on Halloween again until 2020. It will disappear from view in May as it passes between Earth and the Sun

With each passing day, the ringed planet rises earlier and climbs higher before dawn paints the sky

For observers around New York City. In 2010 Jupiter is the brightest point of light residing in the Celestial Sea. Mars, a mere magnitude +1

Time are shown in UT / Greenwich Mean Time and Central Daylight and 1° equals two full moon diameters:

It looked ridiculously bright, like an aircraft’s landing light aimed right at me. Rasid Tugral of Eymir Gölü, Ankara, Turkiye; from Piotr Potepa of Torun, Poland; from Martin McKenna of White Park Bay Beach, Antrim Coast, N. After it rises just after 9 pm in early September (and around 7:30 p. 8, rises before the beginning of dawn well before Venus rises. One fine afternoon long ago, I walked with my parents Sunny and Svend along Bay Ridge’s Shore Road to the athletic field of Ft

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