This could make Apple roar higher


Humans did not evolve to eat 250 pounds of sugar per year. It’s quite scary actually. Some things are self-evident and the damage to arteries by the dextrose in TPN is well documented and well known within the medical world

This could make Apple roar higher

The main problem with them is they turn anything they get involved with into a three ring circus and I am trying to cover some important messages at this site, like intestinal transplants and the lack of knowledge about them and the dangers of colonoscopies and other procedures we have been lied about the safety of

An asian might eat a half cup of rice with a meal, whereas most americans will consume over two cups of rice, beans, bread and corn, then top it off with a sugary dessert of cake, ice cream or pie (or a combination of the three). In raising their first round in 2004, Eberhard and Tarpenning secured small investments from family, friends, and a handful of VCs, but there wasn’t anybody to lead the round, to make the gigantic keystone investment to allow the young company to rapidly start maturing. Noted activist and short-seller Bill Ackman, head of Pershing Square Capital, recently insinuated that the action taken by the FTC had a larger impact than even Herbalife realizes, when he stated on an investor call that “Herbalife actually has been shut down by the FTC, they just haven’t realized it.   The plaque will continue to build until it ultimately ruptures through the endothelium, forming a clot which blocks the circulation

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