This Bride s Breastfeeding Picture Is Motivating Women To Share Their Own


So I guess it’s better for people to be disappointed with reality. You worked hard for your body and you should be proud. You look as healthy as can be. I overcame an eating disorder and body hating. Brooke,
I can’t really express how your story made me feel

So I don’t really see what I have to be jealous of And I said earlier, even though I don’t look like her, I would not wear a bikini simply because I don’t think I have the right body for it, so read before you comment and before you insult people. We are taking about people, real people. My mom and I have always had a close relationship

This Bride s Breastfeeding Picture Is Motivating Women To Share

) and you are so inspirational, really really

Good for you for standing up in the face of a hypocrisy that constantly insists people lose weight but then doesn’t want to show the impact on a person’s body when they achieve those goals. But lots of women (myself included) just don’t look good in a bikini and should have the common sense to dress accordingly to their figure. I’m really glad you stood up for yourself and women everywhere. Knowing that my size would allow
me to wear a bikini, mini skirt, etc. How we view ourselves is quite often unrelenting, exhausting, tormenting, and just plain tough. What do i do after. Because we live in a free country where people have a right to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. I hadn’t given up, but was, well convinced my body could probably never go back to the way it was

Not only have I regained my enthusiasm, strength and flexibility for dance (which I do as well) but I gained a second home

I mean what to do about them. This whole article suggests that i instead should squeeze myself into a size thats too small for me, announce that i look “freaking AMAZING” and expect society to applaud that decision. Verdict’s out on how advantageous/hygienic pumping and/or drinking breast milk is when you are an adult without infant children, but people have done crazier shit in the name of health

I have lived in a prison with this and the babies and weight loss at times has
seemed hardly worth the feeling of self hatred

I don’t usually post comments on things like this, but I had to say something. “I liked the idea of a presale over selling after the wedding so that I could find the right buyer ahead of time, and I wouldn’t have to stress about finding a buyer after the wedding. Although Gisele Bundchen has a very busy lifestyle, she always has time for her kids. You are nothing short of AMAZING. You handled the situation fantastic

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