Juliette Spertus: Dispatch from Helsinki

Juliette Spertus Dispatch from Helsinki. He is devoted to both practical and theoretical projects at all scales, with a special interest in the city and green architecture. What places are there to discover when all are mapped and made familiar before one even arrives. Connecting just six High Line-adjacent buildings to such a system would collect as much as five times the amount of daily waste processed by the Roosevelt Island system. S for two of the leading manufacturers in the field

My work engages with these ideas, seeking a space that has one foot in the actual and another in the imaginary of the city, admittedly embracing some romantic longing for an unknown landscape, as photography and mapping do so well. The remaining waste could then be transferred to trains at Hudson Yards, which perhaps one day could connect to Okazaki’s freight rail system out of the city

A former director of policy planning for the New York City Department of Sanitation (where he was project manager and principal author of the City’s first Solid Waste Management Plan), he is the author of Fat of the Land: Garbage in New York, the Last 200 Years and numerous reports and articles on environmental policy issues

I make photographs, maps, and invented navigational guides that respond to and intervene in urban environments. Paul Salama is the Zoning + GIS Lead at Envelope, as well as an adjunct professor at the NYU School of Professional Studies where he teaches Foundations of Clean Tech. Born and raised in Kobe, Japan, he has thirty years of experience in architecture, urban design, and construction management. I’ve upgraded to a premium membership already. Roosevelt Island’s system was originally built as a model for the city, but if Spertus has her way, the High Line could be the project that truly changes how New York deals with its trash. The International Drag Racing Hall of Fame honors drag racing’s pioneers and heroes

Many of the Garlits “Swamp Rat” cars are here, but he also turns out to be a pack rat with an accumulation of cars and memorabilia from other top names in the sport

Juliette Spertus Dispatch from Helsinki. Any of the words all of the words Exact Phrase. On June 15, the Urban Design Forum invited Jill Morgenweck, Director of Regional Operations at Shyp; Makoto Okazaki, Partner and Principal Architect at Michael Sorkin Studio; Paul Salama, Zoning + GIS Lead at Envelope; Juliette Spertus, Co-founder of ClosedLoops; and moderator Greg Lindsay to debate the future of urban freight

Salama called on city government to build “micro-distribution centers,” smaller and decentralized distribution buildings across New York City, similar to infrastructure employed in Paris and London to improve delivery efficiency and minimize truck traffic

  He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from ETSEIB in Barcelona and an M. S for two of the leading manufacturers in the field. The two raced at the NHRA Gatornationals, buzzing down the track at up to 30 mph. Finland's welfare state was less developed than its Scandinavian neighbors'. Lindsay introduced the roundtable by lamenting that freight is often forgotten in discussions of urban mobility, even though it is increasingly changing the ways we move, work, and shop

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