Intel paves way for 3D XPoint SSDs and memory to work on AMD PCs


If you already have a lot if DRAM on package, then there isn’t much need for some extra modules. Create Your Own Search Engine Today

Intel paves way for 3D XPoint SSDs and memory to

Paranoiacs, both of these types of users

A new storage technology 1000X faster than NAND flash found in SSDs and. With all of the things going on in the semiconductor industry, it seems like a lot of these companies are banding together to prevent Intel from becoming a total monopoly. As the enterprises have used add-in cardsĀ in the pastĀ (Fusion-io never made anything but add-in cards), I don’t see serviceability being a major hurdle for the companies that really need 3D XPoint for their workloads. 0 Interface
ADATA has just launched two new external hard drives; the HD650X hard drive for Xbox One and the HD710M camouflage-styled drive. To take advantage of this limited time offer, select 6 or 12 in the quantity dropdown and add to your Shopping Cart. AMD is not new to the SSD market as they already have their R7 drives using OCZ’s. The CS1311 we’re testing today employs Toshiba’s 15nm TLC NAND for more value-oriented shoppers

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