Facebook will bypass web adblockers but offer ad targeting opt outs


“The creative process requires building on what has come before, and the First Amendment preserves our right to transform creative works to express a new message, and to research and talk about the computer code that controls so much of our world,” said EFF Staff Attorney Kit Walsh. Regimes are turning to covertly installed malware to track, harass, and silence those who seek to expose corruption and inform the public about human rights abuses—especially targets that have moved beyond the regime’s sphere of control

Facebook will bypass web adblockers but offer ad targeting opt

Leno has been a champion of improved transportation, renewable energy, and equal rights for all, among many other issues

I love seeing all these people freaking out over this stuff. The company this morning says that advertisers will now be able to create these ads right from their phones, as well as take advantage of new features like the ability to add text Read More. They say “protect your PC against viruses/hacking and ‘spyware’ “, and they don’t see the irony in that. So, I stopped updating my systems manually around March of this year

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