Digital agency seoul


 Come by to visit and check out how Seoul Space is continuing to support the Korea innovation eco-system through mentoring, free industry leader seminars, the mixing of global minds, companies and a diversity of startups. 1)  Seoul Space HQ [BETA Level Startups]:     In a bold, new experiment in startup acceleration and mentorship cooperation, Seoul Space has moved its HQ/Admin Office along with select Seoul Space startups to Apgujeong Dong. ) 서울시 강남구 언주로 609 팍스타워 10층 대표 : 박현우 사업자등록번호 :114-86-87372 T

digital agency seoul

A large "ubiquitous city" being built in South Korea

Services such as Marketing Strategy planning, CPI, CPA, CPC Advertising, Viral Marketing, Press Releases, and other Customer Services are offered. NSA was tracking North Korea back in 2010, docs reveal. BEING has offices in Paris, Lille, Lyon, New York, Los Angeles, Doha, Shanghai and Seoul. They love to work with emerging businesses to help them transform brands and experiences to flourish in a rapidly changing market climate. Disciplines: Advertising , Brand Consultancy/Brand Strategy , Digital Marketing/ Interactive , Event. We cater to multinational brands, small and medium enterprises, startups and government institutions alike. Our backgrounds, as well as how we combine the traditional and modern, helped us become a pioneer of international public relations

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