Dieter Rams Is Finally Getting The Feature Film He Deserves


The riff is continuous, a straight series of lines, and the guitar solo is in the middle, jerking around like electricity, but always WITHIN this series of lines. Cocktail jazz crap, a 9-minute reggae/soul pile of shit while a guy has sex with an appliance and way too much stupid dialogue crammed into nothingness. Com
Imagine my surprise when i fell in love with this record. I may be wrong, but I don’t think any material from this incarnation of the band made the YCDTOA releases, which should give you a clue as to the general musical quality

This habit actually stuck to Frank until the end of his career. Frank, who was actually making his own form of anti-establishment punk rock in the sixties, just doesn’t get it

Dieter Rams Is Finally Getting The Feature Film He Deserves

This includes on of the greatest Zappa songs of all time (actually three

I can’t tell) says ‘This is the exciting part; this is like the Supremes, see the way it builds up’ and then it turns into a funny 50s/60s rnb parody. It all may sound weird to you, but oh boy, he had the nerve to try these things. Don’t stop spinnin’ that vinyl pigskin, John Peel. The liner notes brag about all the overdubs, which I guess would explain why it always sounds like there are nine hundred instruments in the mix when only about 40 people are in the band – including Ruth Underwood (before that was her last name) on vibraphone. See, what it’s about is that the narrator is always too busy to spend time with his son, and then his son grows up and the narrator really wants to spend time with him, but the son is always too busy. Broadway The Hard Way – Barking Pumpkin 1988

This latest album by Frank Pappa (Don’t Preach) is the most politiciacal CD of his life

(State your secondary argument here)Me: Whatever

Thanks for nothing, Pope John Paul II. Somehow we got mixed up in the game and they chased us too. Cocaine decisions is a wonderful track

And there’s some great solos on “Filthy Habits” and “Ocean” and there’s some boring stuff, too

” Which just sounds gross, especially if you’re an Olivia Newton-John fan. ) – “Hungry Freaks Daddy” is more like “FUNKY Freaks, Mama. HE’S LIKE GUY LOMBARDO ON NEW YEAR’S. UUUGGGGNNNHHHH (squirt squirt squirt)”And that’s my little story about the water gun fight between Steven Spielberg and the script-writing knight in a suit of armor

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