Botnets getting bigger and stronger says Kaspersky


Depending on how an organization’s network is managed, this kind of DDoS can not only overwhelm a server, it also can overload switches or other network resources, potentially impacing a victim’s entire network, including casualties unrelated to the victim if they share network space with the same ISP. Losing the ability to communicate electronically with your clients could well prove catastrophic for your company. While the aim of the attackers was to download Locky ransomware onto users’ devices, the gang behind this campaign used fake Amazon shipping notices rather than JavaScript spam emails

Botnets getting bigger and stronger says Kaspersky

The trends aren’t promising: tour Kaspersky’s labs–or those of any computer security company or research outpost–and you quickly learn that malware is tougher to detect, spam delivery faster, and attacks growing in number and financial impact (see “The Rise in Global Cyber Threats” see slideshow)

Virgin Media has denied it has suffered a data breach, although the ISP has acknowledged that some its users are being targeted by spammers and that it is aware of a “spoofed email message problem. This single software solution can help organization mitigate the risk from many of the main UK cybersecurity threats. There’s no logical reason to use a kernel-level keylogger says Raiu since it’s so easy to write key loggers that hook the Windows API using about four lines of code. A few days later, however, he noticed the appearance of a kind of botnet fig leaf: the malicious sites’ Web addresses now led to phony e-commerce home pages

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