August 2016 PlayStation Plus Free Games Live Tomorrow


At least we got nba 2k16 in june and SR in july they need to keep releasing good games or else everyone going to start buying xbox’s and sony will lose all their money. It is already unknown what types of games and what games are going to be included in this month’s Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers, but ultimately shoot ’em up DOGOS won’t be on it, as the indie developer OPQM debunked today such rumors, even claiming those are harmful for the “economy” of little software houses

August 2016 PlayStation Plus Free Games Live Tomorrow

I imagine it’ll be free for plus closer to October, I imagine if they did give it away people would be furious due to all the cheap sales it’s been on, the fact you get it free for pre-ordering the new one, and that the game is several years old and given away on the PS3 side

I think you need to change your statement from “You’re lineup is horrible” to “Your* lineup is not to my taste”. We’re keenly aware that you’ve had a lot to say regarding PS Plus this month – we’ve read all the comments and have passed your feedback directly to the PS Plus team. I love the Yakuza series. The weapons aren’t anything new but the sounds and gameplay make them feel powerful and. When Team Ninja launched the “Nioh Alpha Demo” sometime in April, about 850,000+ gamers reportedly played the game in a span of ten days. The games that are coming out are relatively similar quality, just not something I like. PlayStation Plus September 2016 free games announcement is probably coming tomorrow, since Sony is releasing such news on the last Wednesday each month

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