AMD s Radeon RX 480 brings high end graphics to the masses for just 200


On the availability front, there was mention of a June 29 date for the RX 480 launch, which was later confirmed by an update provided to the press after the conference. Our second DX12 game, Hitman has now had three episodes, with the second and third scoring better than the first. Last time we checked, Rise of the Tomb Raider still performs better with DX11 than DX12 on all GPUs—AMD as well as Nvidia

AMD s Radeon RX 480 brings high end graphics to

AMD’s Polaris-based Radeon RX 480 graphics card is aimed at

It’s not yet clear if the 8GB version of the RX 480 will prove to be a better buy than the 4GB variant — while it’s true that games tend to use more VRAM than they used to, no game we’re aware of pushes a 4GB frame buffer in 1080p. Besides, rib-eyes taste better than fillet mignon. Since each SMM unit has 128 CUDA cores, 32 in each logic unit (32 x 4), the total number of CUDA cores equates to 1664 on the die. The game puts us in the boots of Booker who in search of a girl named ‘Elizabeth’ ends up on Columbus,  a bustling metropolis of the early 20th century that floats in the sky

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