A.I. Downs Expert Human Fighter Pilot In Dogfights


At other places the maintenance guys weren’t so open (with us, anyway) about what they were doing with the jets, so I can’t say elsewhere on a factual basis. Hill Industrial Minerals and Building Materials Consultant American Drag Racing Association
Offical website of ADRA The way drag racing should be. In the military world, fighter pilots have long been described as the best of the best. This accomplishes the same capability without having an obscene number of redundant, expensive AI, sensors and LR datalinks being destroyed. Outlaw and nostalgia racing as well as all your favorite classes American and International Venture Capital
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Did it have knowledge of the human aircrafts range, velocity, closure, and aspect. If the military was going to phase out fighter pilots in 10-15 years you would already see commercial flights moving at light speed away from pilots and that is not happening

A.I. Downs Expert Human Fighter Pilot In Dogfights

He’s a former Air Force Battle Manager and adversary tactics instructor

A few key things – the word “dogfight” is never utilized, and a lot of the topics where a great deal of conjuncture exists presently is clarified (to the fullest extent allowable given the information that has been approved for Distribution A). Another is redundancy, a human or AI can fail or make mistakes, but more sources mean it’s less likely there’s going to be a catastrophic error that wastes all your resources. Things like the fleet teleporting into range of the shore weapons instead of being at a standoff distance, the AEGIS simulator(not the actual system)crashing but still counting those losses before restoring them along with a host of other similar things. They could travel very far, eject their LR tanks and be very small and agile in the terminal stage. Decoys are another area that will negate SAMs to great degree, particularly with the MALD-J. Removing the crew does nothing to deal with the basic problems presented by the size a jet needs to be to fly at the speeds, altitudes and with the weapons they need to

“And “Geno” is no slouch

Downs Expert Human Fighter Pilot In Dogfights:. Military R&D is usually a decade or two ahead of commercial. The current talking point of the military industrial complex is that we don’t need fighters that can dogfight anymore, in order to justify the shitshow that is the F-35, but eventually everyone gets countermeasures to your countermeasures, and we are back to dog fighting again

He’s a former Air Force Battle Manager and adversary tactics instructor

Geno works on the project and is paid by the project- he didn’t help them contour their AI models and test them out repeatedly then publicly show how he can be defeated and worn out because he’s on a charity mission. According to the developers, ALPHA was specifically designed for research purposes in simulated air-combat missions. Jun 28, 2016  · A. Also pilots are expensive, so better spare them as much as possible. I’ve read large portions of the official report

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